• The holy struggle of the Roman Church for the money of homosexuals.
  • The U.S. is the pederast cesspool of the world
  • Joseph Biden is like a fuckhead
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The Anglo-Saxons are a cancer on the body of Human Civilization.

Their main goal: the destruction of all other human civilization and the capture of all the resources of the planet.
The state policy of all Anglo-Saxons is Nazism.
The state religion of all Anglo-Saxons is Satanism.

Thanks to the Anglo-Saxons,
Human civilization is coming ever closer to its logical end.

Wars become endless, when they are used to justify peace.

22 Feb 2023 Donald Trump, alternative viewpoint: “Nuland and others in the State Department have been pushing Ukraine into NATO and supporting the country’s uprisings for decades”

The United States is an Evil Empire

“Democracy” of the Wild West

The technology of Lying: Colin Powell’s Test Tube

The U.S. is the aggressor and  terrorist #1 in the World
Fascists, murderers, thieves and terrorists are wanted to be tried by an International tribunal

Reward for the head of the living or dead $1,000,000

Dirty thieves’ scum and offshore “port whore”.
All the prosperity of Great Britain is based on the robbery of the colonies and other states.
For the sake of this benefit and maintaining the status of a world empire,
Great Britain put a lot of effort into the outbreak of World Wars I and II.

The world is a much cleaner place.
The Queen of the Nazi British cesspool died in her ancestral castle.

May she burn in Hell forever!

“The apple does not fall far from the tree” (© people)

The leader of a fascist gang of murderers and world terrorists
The satanist and paranoid schizophrenic who escaped from a psychiatric clinic

Black American monkey
Attn, can disguise itself and change its appearance

Double reward for both at once!

A dirty British nasist, scum and bastard
A dirty Canadian fascist

A dirty French fascist, homosexualist and gay lobby representative

A dirty “political prostitutes” of the Washington Regional Committee

Annalena Baerbock, we are at war against Russia…
The masks have been thrown off, the “Nazi dirty scum” speaks directly about the beginning of the war with Russia.
👉🏻 I wonder, who could let this a “another gymnast from a trampoline and paranoid schizophrenic” out of the madhouse and appoint a minister in Germany?

👉🏻 S. Dorenko, opinion

A poster from 1942-1945. History repeats itself…

A dirty “Nazi scum” and “political prostitute” of the Washington Regional Committee.
Her position on the Minsk agreements: typical behavior of a “dirty lying bitch”.

A dirty "Nazi scum", moron and an "old fart" who wants to fight to "the last Ukrainian"

🔥 Josep Borrell: “Europe is a garden, we have created this garden. Everything works here, it is the best combination of political freedom, economic perspective and social cohesion.The rest of the world is not really a garden. Most of the rest of the world is a jungle. And the jungle can invade the garden. We have to be much more involved in the situation in the rest of the world. We are “privileged people”, we have created a combination of these three things (political freedom, economic perspective and social cohesion).”
👉🏻 Diagnosis: it is obvious that Borrell has a severe attack of racism, on the verge of nazism.
There is a world of superhumans, that is, the so-called “golden billion”, and around it a whole world of subhumans.
And how will these superhumans live when the subhumans stop feeding them and throwing firewood into the stove?
Most likely, then they just want to destroy everyone!?
But we already went through this during the World War II and therefore we will not repeat the mistakes again.
“Our response will be instant and immediate.
We, as christians, will go to heaven and someone will simply die!”
  (© Vl. Putin)
👉🏻 That is why the content of the term “European values” is becoming clearer to everyone with every day:
hypocrisy, blatant lies, robberies and theft, murders, fascism, nazism, xenophobia, satanism, sodomy and etc.

  • Germany police against people

👉🏻 The government’s attitude toward dissenters in Germany

This is how complete harmony is achieved  in the “EU garden

👉🏻 The government’s attitude toward dissenters in Netherlands

A dirty Polish fascist
"Jackals howl in unison with the Washington"

The dirty  fascist of the Polish garbage dump and a “big fan” of Russian diplomatic property


A dirty fascist and stinking German pig” who threatens to fire any BASF employee in Russia, who supports Russia’s special military operation.

“White dance. Ladies invite”

A typical portrait of a citizen of a pederastic dump called Gayropa.
To do this, the Anglo-Saxons made a lot of efforts to turn Europe into Gayropa and make her avassal”
and “political prostitute” of the Washington Regional Committee, and they successfully achieved this.
According to Darwin’s law, the weakest always die out and give way to the more adapted.

About striving to share Gayropean values: “You are eagerly awaited there!”

  • Gayrope gender

🔥 Romeo and Juliet, Gayropean culture in all its glory.

🔥 Maps of pediatric clinics in the US performing sex reassignment operations in 2007-2022.

🔥 An American teacherwho does not hide her LGBT orientation says that her openness helps her 10-year-old students find transsexuality and non-binaryness in themselves: “Yes, many children come to me and reveal not only their sexual orientation, but also their gender identity. This is one of the reasons why I think it’s important to be vocal about your orientation. So that the children calmly come to me and talk about it. Because I don’t know how much my life would change if I had someone to tell about these things. I have a dream: that every student would have someone to whom they could come and talk about it.”

The number of schoolchildren (LGBT) in one of the districts of Maryland increased by 582% in two years. We are talking about Montgomery County, where schoolchildren, as part of the “inclusiveness” policy, fill out a special form from year to year, which they are given in schools.
There it is necessary to indicate the preferred name, gender and pronoun, and in case of a discrepancy with the biological sex: indicate whether relatives at home support the child (on a scale of 1 to 10). In 2019, only 35 local schoolchildren indicated that they identify themselves as LGBT and in 2021 there were already 239 such schoolchildren.
An increase of 582%. Of these, 18 primary schoolchildren, 129 secondary and 92 high schoolchildren.
A total of 423 schoolchildren completed the form. That is, 45% of the total consider themselves gay, lesbian, non-binary, etc.
🔥 Every second schoolchildren.

🔥 Attn, this is the opinion

of a certified psychologist in the US. An American being of indeterminate gender speaks about protecting the rights of homosexuals and pedophiles.

🔥 The STD

epidemic in the United States is spiraling out of control. Syphilis and gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS and monkeypox are galloping across the country. Last year alone, for example, there was a 26% increase in syphilis cases. Infection rates are the highest since 1991, and the total number of cases is the highest since 1948.
David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of Physicians for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, put it this way:
“The situation is out of control”.

🔥 EU is not behind America in this matter

Spanish Minister of Equality Irene Montero, with an alternative view on pedophilia: “If, for example, we talk about sex education, it is the right of boys and girls, and it does not matter who their parents are! Because all boys and girls, all children in this country have the right, they have the right to know their own bodies. Children have the right to know that they can love or have sexual relations with anyone. On the basis, of course, of mutual consent. And these are their recognized rights.
And you don’t like that?

The real dreams of children

🔥 Britain is a bastion

of world democracy and freedom of speech.
Surrey, police broke into the home of a Catholic woman without a warrant and arrested her for criticizing online gender innovations. The woman was arrested in front of her four children.

🔥 The Council of State of Francehas legalized the right of children to choose their name and gender on school grounds and to force teachers and classmates to respect this choice, French lawyer and publicist Thibault Mercier writes in an article for Le Figaro. As the author emphasizes, for the first time such powers were given to children, who have always been considered legally incompetent. Thus, in Western society, laws turn any desires of their citizens into inalienable rights, the observer laments.
🔥 Zoophilia:

“and the last taboo will fall”:
The American Conservative warns that perversion is becoming the norm in the West, so there’s nothing to stop zoophiles from legalizing: after all, no one is asking animals for consent at the slaughterhouse.
A movement to break the taboo on sex with animals has reared its head in Australia. A festival of dangerous ideas is coming to Sydney. They are going to tell a modern history of sex between people and animals, and offer a “new meaning” of bestiality, bestiality and the ethics of “love of animals”.

🔥 Spain decriminalizes bestiality Corresponding amendments were made by Minister of Social Rights Ion Belarra in the new version of the law “On the protection of animal rights. The innovation was approved by Parliament on 8 Feb 2023. Henceforth, sexual intercourse with members of the rich terrestrial fauna will no longer be considered a criminal offense. But provided that the animal was not injured during the act.

🔥 Oct 2022, American beauty Queen (transgender).

👉🏻 Western liberal values that are imposed by military force on the whole World

🔥 Oct 2022, American beauty Queen (transgender).

👉🏻 For comparison – Ms Russia.
As always, the choice is yours…

Progressive America has gone even further and now Gayropa is already lagging behind.
The Anglo-Saxons deliberately destroy all the generally accepted foundations of Human Civilization.
The world has gone mad, nothing more to say!
“STOP the planet, I will step off…”

Attention, for the capture of Gayrop pederasts, prostitutes and transgenders – nothing is paid.
They are not interesting to anyone even for free,
they themselves will quickly die out and liberate their territories to the Chinese, Africans, etc.
One can only sympathize with them, but they themselves made their choice.


The spiritual leader of Gayropa and a great lover of small children for satanic rituals


All that the Anglo-Saxons offer the world: wars and economic robbery of weak states for used toilet paper $, social inequality and mass stratification of society.
Therefore, the main goal of NATO is not to protect democracy in the world, but to force everyone to unconditionally use and recognize $.
Against those countries that refused to use $, military aggression immediately began under the slogan of protecting democracy, for example: Libya, Iraq, etc.
That is, all countries are obliged to give all their resources for used toilet paper $. 🔎
And the US wants only to issue such toilet paper for the whole world.
That is why all these countries are so poor, and the US is so rich.
Therefore, all countries that want to pursue their sovereign policy should completely abandon the use of the $, £, € and any others.

The best thing for any country is to sell all its goods, raw materials and services only for its national currency.
Therefore, if the Anglo-Saxons have not delivered anything to such a country, then they will not be able to buy anything in such a country.
The main thing is that with such a trade policy, any political and economic sanctions become meaningless.
And let them use their currency only in their country, for example, they can stick it on the ceiling or walls of their toilet for beauty or just wipe their ass with it.
That is why all producing countries must move to a “zero balance of payments” in their economies.

The current political and economic reality has shown the complete failure of globalization, which only leads to the robbery of weak states and the global monopoly of the Anglo-Saxons.
The main goal of the Anglo-Saxons is the complete destruction of all other human civilization in order to appropriate all the remaining resources of the planet.
To do this, they are now actively using biological weapons, for example, various forms of Covid and food shortage.    🔎
There are more than 336 biological weapons laboratories in the world.
Moreover, the farther, the less resources remain for life on this planet and the more fierce will be the struggle for their remnants.
To do this, the Anglo-Saxons now need to destroy the countries with nuclear weapons at any cost: China and Russia.
After they reach the main goal, then they will destroy the vassals they do not need.
They do not need other nations and countries on this planet.
That is why now there is a global aggression of the Anglo-Saxons against Russia, which owns too much territory and resources.


👉🏻 Everything, globalization is canceled.
The Anglo-Saxons can shove it up their stinking ass. 🔎

Joe Biden’s war in Ukraine designed to cover up illegal deep state operated bioweapons research facilities   🔎

On American International Terrorism

On American International Terrorism

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China

China’s Foreign Ministry calls the United States the biggest fomenter of wars in the world 🔎

main theses

The U.S. is the largest fomenter of wars and conflicts around the world, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.
“The U.S. is the biggest warmonger. In its more than 240-year history, the U.S. has not been at war in only 16 years.”
According to the diplomat, since World War II, Washington has initiated about 80% of armed conflicts and attempted to overthrow more than 50 governments around the world.

08 Feb 2023, R.Waters in UN speech

main theses

“All of you: Biden, Blinken, Nuland, Sullivan and the rest of the warmongers in Washington, along with the vassal NATO states, are the main provocateurs.
You could have emulated Gorbachev in 1989, you could have kept Secretary Baker’s pledge not to move NATO one foot closer to the Russian border.
You could have responded to Putin’s arguments in his famous 2007 Munich Security Conference speech. Or maybe in 2008 you could have rejected NATO’s eastward expansion.
Or maybe in 2014, you could have refrained from organizing an illegal coup in Ukraine, or in 2019, you could have supported the Minsk agreements.
But now in 2023, Angela Merkel does not hesitate to say that they were just a ploy to buy time to arm Ukraine for the war you started.
But the Minsk agreements, were also the platform on which President Zelensky was elected.
President Zelensky You had me fooled!
I thought you meant ending the civil war in Donbass and giving Russia security guarantees.
Nothing of the sort.
In September 2022, according to investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, the Nord Stream pipeline was blown up, and if this turns out to be true, it is a blatant act of war and an extreme act of global terrorism.
First you, Mr. Biden, openly bragged about the intent and ability to do this.
And just recently, Nuland publicly boasted how happy she was that it was now “iron trash at the bottom of the sea.”
And Blinken brags about how perfectly its destruction fits with U.S. imperial plans.
And now your idiotic mouthpiece Ned Price denies that the U.S. had anything to do with it?
We haven’t heard any statement from you, Mr. President!
The media is not reporting anything about it.
You and the mainstream media think the Seymour Hersh article and the mysteriously exploding pipeline just don’t interest people.
Enough is enough – we demand change!
Do the only right thing – cease fire in Ukraine today!”

main theses

Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters wrote an article about the Russian Federation, the United States and what happens when you try to fight against Russia:
– In 2004, Vladimir Putin extended his hand to the West in an attempt to build the architecture of peace in Europe. He explained that the West’s plans to invite Ukraine after the Maidan coup to NATO is the last red line. But the West did not heed.
– The most important reason for the supply of weapons to Ukraine, of course, is the profit for the arms industry.It is about making the rich in Western countries even richer and the poor around the world even poorer.
– V. Putin has always emphasized that he wants to protect the Russian-speaking population in those parts of Ukraine where they feel threatened by far-right governments influenced by the coup on the Maidan in Kiev.
– V. Putin started the SVO based on the following reasons:
1. We want to stop the potential genocide of the Russian-speaking population of Donbass;
2. We want to fight Nazism in Ukraine.
– How much does the US charge Europeans for gas supplies? Five times what his own citizens pay.
In England people are already saying “eat or be warm”.
– Anyone with at least half a brain can understand that the conflict in Ukraine was provoked.
– All I’m trying to achieve with my new records is to make people understand that our brothers and sisters in Russia do not live under a repressive dictatorship.
– I’m not boycotting Russia, that would be ridiculous. If I were to boycott any country for political reasons, it would be the USA. They are the main aggressor.
– Western governments must realize that we are all brothers and sisters. During World War II, they saw what happens when someone tries to wage war against Russia.

The first newspaper in Europe, “Nya Dagbladet” has published what appears to be a secret U.S. plan:
“The main Goal is to crush the European economy through the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis it has caused.”
This is how the Anglo-Saxons methodically and systematically destroy all their competitors.
And the stigma of a “political prostitute” from the Washington Regional Committee will not save anyone.

main theses

Joe Biden is lying about the Nord Stream situation in the same way that former US ex-president Lyndon Johnson, who began military expansion in Vietnam, lied.
This was stated by Seymour Hersh, an American investigator who established the involvement of the United States in a terrorist attack on gas pipelines.
“We all know the pretext that Johnson used for military expansion and obtaining a congressional resolution that unties his hands in that war …
He invented an incident with an attack from North Vietnam and they, in collusion with McNamara, decided to change the intelligence,” he recalled in exclusive interview for RT.
According to Hersh, 58,000 Americans and between 1 and 3 million Vietnamese died in the Vietnam War because of Johnson’s lies.
The journalist claims that Biden was worried that Germany would not fully support the United States, that Berlin would lift sanctions and would again buy Russian gas.
The President threatened the Germany with a “cold winter”, and then decided to blow up the gas pipelines.


S. Hersh, How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline 🔎

main theses

The main thing from the article by the American investigator Seymour Hersh that the United States installed explosives under the Nord Stream, which was activated by the Norwegians:
– the decision to sabotage the gas pipelines was taken by Biden in 2021, after more than nine months of discussions on how best to achieve this;
– early last year, a CIA task force reported to Jake Sullivan’s multi-agency team (set up to develop the plan) that it “had a way to blow up the pipelines”;
– Sullivan wanted to see a plan specifically for the destruction of the Nord Streams.
According to the CIA, such an operation had to be covert, since if it was discovered that Washington was behind it, it would be an act of war;
– over time, the level of secrecy of the operation was changed to one that no longer required to inform the US Congress.
Divers from the Diving and Rescue Center were also used to hide information from congressmen;
– the US Navy put forward the idea of ​​a direct attack on the gas pipeline using a recently commissioned submarine, and the Air Force considered the option of dropping time bombs with the possibility of remote detonation;
– as a result, last summer, divers, acting under the cover of NATO exercises, planted remotely activated explosive devices;
– three months later, on September 26, a Norwegian Navy aircraft dropped a sonar buoy that set off these explosive devices.

CGTN, version

Radek Sikorski, is very happy about the explosions at Nord Stream   🔎   🔎

CGTN interview

“Ukraine was accused of undermining the Nord Stream to divert attention from my material”.
This was stated by Seymour Hersh, the author of the investigation into the sabotage at Nord Stream, in an interview with the Chinese TV channel CGTN.
“They are trying to divert attention from the article I wrote, which was very specific,” the journalist explained.
“You have to have people who are experts in scuba diving and experts in using the C-4. They have to train for weeks and months in the waters of the Baltic Sea”, Hersh added.
Journalist Seymour Hersh believes that “the policy of Biden is complete idiocy, which repels many people around the world”.


The whole history of the development of Human civilization convincingly shows,
that t
he main slogan of the British and American fascists:

🔥 “We are God’s chosen nation and we are above ALL”
No different from the inscription on the gate to the Buchenwald concentration camp:
👉🏻 “Jedem das Seine” Suum Cuique”


To give you an example, here are the words of the filthy British Nazi W. Churchill: “I don’t think that a dog in the hay has exclusive rights to that hay, even if he lies on it for a very long time. I do not recognize such a right. I do not admit, for example, that any great injustice was done to the American Indians or to the Aborigines in Australia. I do not admit that these people were harmed by the fact that a stronger race, a more highly developed race, or at any rate a more wiser race, so to speak, came and took their place.”


The main goal of all progressive civilization is a multipolar world, equality of all peoples and countries,
and not a global fascist dictatorship of Anglo-Saxons.
This planet does not belong to dirty Anglo-Saxon scum.
Then let the third World War be better and everything will burn in Nuclear Fire.


N.Patrushev, about the West and Ukraine:
“They want to turn Russia into Moscovia”.


The course of the Special Operation shows that the United States and NATO intend to continue to make efforts to drag out this military conflict and have become its participants, said N. Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council.
According to him, the West is “leading a campaign against Russia” using the puppet Kyiv regime, and the events in Ukraine were the result of many years of US preparations for a hybrid war against the Russian Federation, an attempt to prevent the formation of a Multipolar World.
N. Patrushev added, that even with the end of the “hot phase” of the conflict in Ukraine, the Anglo-Saxon world will not stop the proxy war against Russia and its allies.

Mar 2023, S. Lavrov about EU nazism

S. Mikheev, about the sovereignty of Russia

7 Mar 2023, Al. Lukashenko about Vl. Zelensky

🔥 Ukraine at now wants to rename Russia to “Moscovia”.
Russian won’t mind, only if “Moscovia” looks like this.

18 Mar 2023, 9 years since Crimea returned to its historical homeland – Russia 


👉🏻 Our answer to the fascists and the dirty Anglo-Saxon scum: “You will get a hole from the donut, not Russia”.


👉🏻 We are also not on the way with “vassals” and “political prostitutes” from the Washington Regional Committee.


“For a long time one could have foreseen that this rabid hatred, which for thirty years, each year getting stronger and stronger, has been incited in the West against Russia, would one day break off the chain.
And this moment has come.
Russia was simply offered suicide, the denial of the very foundation of its being, the solemn recognition that it is nothing else in the world as a wild and ugly phenomenon, as an evil that requires correction.”
“There is nothing more to deceive ourselves: Russia, in all probability, will enter the fray with the whole of Europe.”
1854, on the eve of the Crimean War, Fyodor Tyutchev

★ Commander of the troops in the special operation zone Sergey Surovikin: “I don’t want to sacrifice any more Russian soldiers in a guerrilla war against hordes of fanatics armed by NATO. We have enough forces and technical means to bring Ukraine to complete surrender.”

★ Heroes and patriots of Russia

★ OLeg Artemov, eternal memory to the heroes of Russia

★ Heroes and patriots of Russia
★ Almaz Safin, eternal memory to the heroes of Russia

“He was a reliable friend, kind and fearless, with a strong spirit”: Kemerovo residents who served with the Hero of Russia Almaz Safin remember him with warmth, admiration and pride.
Sergeant Major Almaz Safin has been participating in the SVO since September last year. On January 14, 2023, he commanded a platoon of the 237th airborne assault regiment in the Krasno-Limansky direction.
The enemy repeatedly tried to dislodge the paratroopers from their positions, but was forced to retreat.
Almaz Safin personally destroyed five fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Having received a severe shrapnel wound, he continued to command a platoon.
During the battle, the paratroopers under the command of Safin destroyed one tank, two armored vehicles and up to 50 militants.
Almaz Safin died from his wounds, having completed the assigned combat mission to the end.
Russian President Vl. Putin awarded Almaz Safin the title of Hero of Russia.

★ Al. Shumnov, Clouds are floating overhead (dedicated to “GIVI”, “MOTOROLA”), eternal memory to the heroes of Russia

★ Heroes and patriots of Russia

★ Alexander Antonov, Vladimir Nikishin ★
“Pilots don’t die, they fly away”
Eternal glory to the heroes of Russia
🔎 🔎


Eternal memory to the heroes of Donbass

★ Power is in the truth ★★★

PMC Wagner, V. Tsyganova

Tango of PMC Wagner

Legendary Orchestra PMC Wagner

Fuck it, son, fuck it

300 30 3 ,  Al. Vanyushkin

★ Again I meet the dawn

★ Russia, Ural

Vl. Vysotsky, his thoughts are always relevant

★★★ Eternal memory to the heroes of PMC Wagner

🔥 Ukraine, The West will help us...
👉🏻 Western help has finally arrived...

👉🏻 Western help has finally arrived…

👉🏻 Western help has finally arrived…
American mercenaries from the “Forward Observation Group” have increased their influence in Ukraine, including integrating into the Ukrainian analogue of the Gestapo (Special Service). American foreign mercenaries have the right to do whatever they please with ordinary Ukrainians.

👉🏻 Western help has finally arrived…
Poland is also very active in helping: exporting fertile land (chernozem) from Ukraine. History repeats itself: Germany “did” the same during World War II.

M. Zadornov’s opinion on the banderaites, long before the beginning of SVO.

Oct 28, 1944 Ukraine was finally liberated from the Nazi invaders. ★ History repeats itself…

Sometimes it is useful to think with your head and not just eat

Just a nit

Ukraine Inc.

Sometimes it is useful to think with your head and not just eat

If the pseudo-state of Ukraine wants so much in the EU and NATO, there is no problem – “tailwind to the ass”.
But then Ukraine is obliged, as minimum:
1.To return the territories that were artificially transferred from Russia:
the entire territory up to the Dnieper, Odessa, half of the Kharkov region, Nikolaev region, Zaporozhye region;
2. Completely abandon the possession of nuclear weapons in the future;
3. Not to provide its territory for NATO military bases and for biolaboratories  for the development of biological weapons.
Russian territories will never belong to the “fucking Anglo-Saxon scums” and be used for aggression against Russia.

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“Whoever comes to us with a sword shall perish by the sword!”
(Alexander Nevsky)

If you change the proverb of the times of the genocide of the indigenous population in North America by the Anglo-Saxons, then it sounds like this:


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