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The U.S. is the aggressor and terrorist #1 in the world


🔥 “Jackie, are you there? Where is Jackie?”
Biden asked, referring to the deceased Valorsky.

👉🏻 Synonyms: Biden Beedon ≡ Gandon

Nudelman… 🔎

May he burn in Hell forever!

May she burn in Hell forever!

A typical portrait of a member of the US administration: a Nazi, a paranoid schizophrenic, a homosexual, a lesbian, a transgender, a drug addict, etc.

Klaus Schwab, the chief ideologist of modern neo-Nazis
Klaus Schwab, the chief ideologist of modern neo-Nazis

This is George Soros. Keep this in mind the next time Soros-funded liberals call you a racist, fascist or Nazi.


George Soros explained in an interview with the German magazine Cicero:
“no one cares about the fate of the Ukrainians themselves. The Ukrainians themselves should fight as long as possible.
The weakness of Russia, according to the financier, is that they perceive Ukrainians as “their own”. Russia cannot leave the Ukrainians to starve to death and freeze to death in the ruins.
Europe will “win” even if all of Ukraine is left ashes piled high with “stinking corpses”, he says.
George Soros: “Hungarian Jew”, American, financial swindler, fascist, enemy of Trump and he invested billions $ in the maidan in Ukraine.


This is what was happening to George Soros’ friends and neighbors in 1944:
– You’re a Hungarian Jew…
– Yeah.
– You escaped the Holocaust…
– Yeah.
– Posing as a Christian…
– That’s right.
– In your time, these people were being shipped off to death camps.
– Yes, I was 14. That’s when my character was forged.
– How’s that?
– I learned to look ahead, to anticipate events… being under threat, under deadly threat. It was my own personal encounter with Evil.
– You were with your patron then, he passed you off as his godson.
– Yes.
– He was confiscating Jewish property, and you were accompanying him.
– Yes.
– That’s crazy. Was it hard for you?
– Not at all. There’s a lot of things a kid doesn’t understand. I didn’t have a problem with it.
– Guilt?
– No.
– You know, like, I’m Jewish and I could have been in their shoes.
– I could have been. But I didn’t want to run away. It’s like in trading. If I hadn’t taken part in those confiscations, somebody else would have done it anyway. I was just a spectator.

🔥 2010, W. Endgale
Bill Gates on the vaccine to reduce population

🔥 2010, Bill Gates: “If we do good work on vaccines, we will reduce the population by 10-15%”

🔥 Mar 2023, new info about sterilization

A big story was released on American TV that COVID vaccines are “drugs for abortion” and for reducing the world’s population, which are actively promoted by Bill Gates.
Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are designed as “abortion drugs” to discreetly and deceitfully sterilize large sections of humanity, according to a Gates Foundation insider who acknowledged that trials of the Gates vaccine in Africa and India, in which thousands of children were injected and for sterilization, these were trial runs of an mRNA vaccine for the Western world.
Many people still refuse to see the globalist elite for what they really are.
They want to believe that Bill Gates is a philanthropist.
If he accidentally sterilized half of West Africa and India, then it must have been an accident.
They want to believe that the World Economic Forum is committed to making the world a better place.

🔥 Project Blue Beam: WEF insider reveals “Fake Alien Invasion” will unite Humanity? 

The alien narrative has long been promoted by the mainstream media, but last week all the major publications and TV channels turned up the heat, reporting numerous sightings and unidentified objects in the sky.

“They are preparing the masses for the latest and greatest mass scam of the global elite.”

Always at the forefront of the globalist agenda, CNN, for example, now dedicates an unprecedented number of minutes per day to UFO news, just like other mainstream media. In recent days, we have received reports of UFOs all over the world. On February 2, a Chinese balloon was seen, it was shot down on February 4. Six days later, a UFO was shot down over Alaska. And the very next day, February 11, a UFO was shot down over Canada. In recent days, UFOs have appeared over China and Uruguay, and then the airspace of Montana, the United States, was closed to the operations of the Department of Defense. On February 12, a UFO was also shot down over Lake Huron in the United States.

These recent events are more than just distractions or a new war. The world government is planning its own supernatural event, namely to stage a global alien invasion in 2024. In his 1994 book Project Blue Beam, journalist Serge Monast writes that the United Nations, NASA and other government agencies have been secretly working on a top-secret operation called Project Blue Beam since 1983. Target? Pave the way for global government by tricking people into thinking it’s the end of the world.

Here’s how it works, according to Monast. First, the global elite stage an alien invasion, convincing the world that aliens are planning to take over major cities around the world. Secondly, the religious population will be drawn to the rapture, or the fulfillment of the prophecies of their religion. All of this will be fake, carried out using large-scale holograms and microchips hidden in the most modern electronics. Monast was writing a new book with more information about the government’s plans for the Blue Beam project, but he was found dead in 1996. The official cause of death was a heart attack. Once the nations of the world collapse under a mass of civil unrest and panic, the New World Order will establish itself and the people of the world, desperate for any power, will accept its rule.

The globalist Henry Kissinger, Schwab’s mentor, clearly explained in the 70s how the globalists would persuade Americans to accept the New World Order.
He wrote: “Americans today would be outraged that UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they are told that there is an external threat from outside, real or publicized, that threatens our very existence. It is then that all the peoples of the world will swear before world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The only thing everyone is afraid of is the unknown. In such a scenario, individual rights would be voluntarily given up in exchange for a guarantee of their well-being given to them by their world government.”

Wernher von Braun, a German and American aerospace engineer who worked on Operation Paperclip, confessed on his deathbed in 1977 that the world’s elite planned to use “terrorists and pandemics” as false flags to manipulate and control the masses. More interestingly, von Braun said that the last false flag would be a “false alien invasion”.

There is information that the US government briefly entertained the idea of using a hologram during the war in Iraq. US Air Force planners, contemplating the best way to carry out a bloodless coup in Iraq, proposed creating a giant hologram that would look like Allah commanding the Iraqis to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

This plan was never implemented, but the fact that it was considered at such a high level proves that the technology exists.

A complete assembly of Anglo-Saxon Nazis and enemies of Human Civilization

British nazis

That’s what the British “vomit scum” and “pederastic trash” dreams of.

🔥 “A Nazi and a pederast” is a typical portrait of an British anglo-saxon, even the king of Great Britain is no exception.

“Lisa from the track” makes a Ku-Ku to the head of the Nazi British cesspool!

Bloomberg: “British markets have lost $500 billion since Liz Truss became prime minister (and she has been in office less than a month).”
“AJ Bell” investment fund analyst Danny Hewson says that British markets are now “reminiscent of the Wild West.
According to” Hargreaves Lansdown”, a representative of the investment company, this situation was the result of the actions of the new government, as a result of which “confidence in the UK has been undermined.”

Just 100 years ago, in 1922, the British Empire was in its heyday: British rule covered about 1/4 of the earth and governed 458 million people, which at the time was 1/4 of the world’s population.

“Lisa from the track” is now in free flight, after 44 days of her brilliant premiership.
As the saying goes: “better to lose with a smart man than to gain with a fool (©people)

Rishi Sunak is the new prime minister of Great Britain

"The Independent", newspaper opinion

According to polls, 64% of the population view him negatively. Since nothing good can be expected in the economy in the near future – this chief, if he lasts longer than “Lisa from the track”, it won’t last long anyway.

Canadian vassals

Young Justin Trudeau (now Canadian Prime Minister) admits that he cannot do simple calculations because of his learning disability. So he went into politics and had a brilliant career.

The ideal according to Trudeau

French vassals

“As people say, he is smart beyond his years” (©sarcasm)

🔥 Macron knows that it’s the “end of abundance” because he is part of the club that now is strategically deconstructing it and withholding it from people.
“Absolute Zero” / “Great Reset”   🔎

🔥 Emmanuel Macron: “Most of the grain supplies from Ukraine, provided with the participation of the EU, are intended for the most needy and poor countries.”   🔎   🔎   🔎

Oct 2022, Protests in Paris: people are demanding Macron leave

Oct 2022, Protests in Paris: people are demanding Macron leave

Dec 2022, Paris: European “beautiful garden” and paradise

Dec 2022, Paris: European “beautiful garden” and paradise

You can’t afford it

🔥 But you can afford it
👉🏻 Freedom and shitocracy above all else

🔥 And this, too
👉🏻 European social advertising

  • Pasis

Oct 2022, France “170,000 Putin agents in Paris

Italy, Meloni talks about the fascist nature of France

European vassals

Politico directly calls Ursula von der Leyen the American president of Europe. In more conventional terms, she is the – Gauleiter!

🔥 Ursula von der Leyen feels like a Reich Chancellor.
The Frau really dislikes some of the candidates in the Italian elections and she openly declares:
“We will see the result of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction, we have the tools, as in the case of Poland and Hungary.”
Frau Reichs-Kanzlerin threatens internal EU sanctions and a cut-off of EU funding. Italian politicians, to put it mildly, were a little surprised by such unconcealed impudence.
That is, joining the European Union means a complete loss of sovereignty.

🔥 Ursula von der Leyen, a gynecologist and part-time head of the European Commission, demonstrates how to save water when washing hands.
In the next tutorial, we are waiting for a life hack on how to take a shit without toilet paper.

European social advertising

  • Woman fuckheads

Not every cook can run a State

Italy, elections

The old rusty Beedon has once again farted in the puddle!

A blow to the EU’s liberal monolith
“What’s going to happen? The fun is over!” – shouted Meloni to her supporters.
The center-right coalition is made up of parties: the “Italian Brotherhood”, the “League” and “Forward Italy”.
It won 44.36% in the elections for the Senate (the upper house of Parliament) after processing more than 95% of the ballots.
As for the elections to the Chamber of Deputies, the center-right won 44.07%.
The leading force in the winning coalition was the “Italian Brotherhood” party.

👉🏻   When the cook runs the State


Oct 2022 Germany, Köln


In the Netherlands, out of 1,600 bakeries, half are on the verge of closing due to high gas prices.It is possible to change gas ovens for electric ones, but such a furnace costs 100,000 euros and they are in short supply due to problems with metal and components. And electricity isn’t cheap either. The industrial production of bread is also at risk. In order to survive, producers will be forced to sharply raise the price of bread.

Help from Herzensbäcker Künne Bakery has ended:

1. For several months it was an example for many institutions in Germany that did not strongly advocate solidarity and other favorite words of Herr Bundeschancellor. Bakers from Hannover sold donuts with a yellow-blue tint and donated the money earned from them straight to Ukraine.
2. However, for such victims, indulgence from the German Government is not implied.
3. From January 1, 2022, a small network with seven branches will have to pay €1.1 million instead of €120 thousand per year for electricity.
4. In an attempt to stay afloat and not go broke, the management decided to launch their own solidarity action: the lights were turned off in the establishments all day to draw the attention of visitors to the plight of the bakers.
5. Everything for the front, everything for the victory (over your own mind)!

🔥 The German government’s attitude towards the people:
“All those who come out to demonstrate against government policy are traitors and agents of Putin”, against whom troops could be used.

Oct 2022 Germany

Oct 2022 Germany, Rostock

Oct 2022 Praha, “Putin’s agents

🔥 European economy

🔥 European economy

🔥 Switzerland now has its own version of the famous Russian meme: “Is your neighbor warmer than 19 degrees? Please inform us, anonymously, 200 francs reward”
thesesThe president of the German Industrial Union Siegfried Russwurm believes that the government is not doing enough to combat the energy crisis. Not all power plants work and not at full capacity, and the tax base is outdated: energy in Germany has long been not cheap, and the percentage of taxes is not getting smaller. For those who expect to get off with another package of assistance, the expert clarified: after this price avalanche passes through the country, it will be too late to do anything, because both producers and consumers will simply go bankrupt. At all enterprises the situation is critical. 🔎

Due to high inflation and rising energy prices, the IG Metall trade union is now also demanding higher wages for employees at the wage negotiations in Lower Saxony.   🔎

Australian vassals

🔥 The leader of the Australian opposition cheerfully described the future of electric vehicles: They will be charged by solar panels at night!

Baltic and Polish vassals

New Estonian anthem

🔥 For the most part, the Poles

are in favor of supporting Ukraine and tripping up Russia, but this does not speak of the courage of the people, but of their stupidity. As the author of Mysl Polska writes, the Poles are ready to pay more just to spoil to the hated Russians, but an incorrect assessment of the scale of the threat risks ending in collapse, as has happened more than once in the history of Poland.

Intellect by Polish

Polish mercenaries have finally found their destiny.

Sweden, the Netherlands, just fascism

Ordinary Ukrainian fascists, created and bred by Anglo-Saxon scum

Vl. Zelensky, president of Ukraine (Jew)

2018, Gordon interview It was…

So it became…

Val. Zaluzhny, the commander-in-chief forces of Ukraine

Al. Reznikov, Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine (Jew)

🔥 A modest couple with an immodest villa bought with the blood of Ukrainians

🔥 Meanwhile, Olena Zelenska is having fun in Paris

👉🏻 The Banderaite armed forces of Ukraine are shooting civilians in the captured territories

👉🏻 A complete historical analogy with the Nazis from Germany

Ukraine, satanism in the Russian Orthodox Church

👉🏻 Ukrainian fascist propaganda extends even to small children

🔥 Ukrainian Nazi
🔥 Ukrainian Nazi

A jeep with a well-known Ukrainian nationalist Adriana Arehta, a junior sergeant of the Ukrainian Special Forces of Ukraine, a lover of publishing videos with captured Russian servicemen, was blown up on an anti-tank mine. Both legs and an arm were torn off.
👉🏻 “To a dog – dog’s death” (© people)

👉🏻 Jan 2023 Ukraine, reality from Soledar

🔥 Jan 2023 Ukraine, propaganda

👉🏻 Jan 2023 Ukraine, reality from Soledar

Jan 2023 Ukraine, it was

Jan 2023 Ukraine, became

🔥 Genius advice to Poles from Mr. Kaczynski on how to deal with the energy crisis: “If you can’t buy six tons of coal, buy one and a half tons. That should work.”
👉🏻 Poland has decided to drastically reduce its assistance program for refugees from Ukraine. Allowances and other benefits are being reduced or eliminated altogether.

🔥 Dec 2022, A vassal for the ages and most importantly, all at the expense of someone else’s blood – the Ukrainian people, not the American army. The dream of a paranoid schizophrenic “rusty american beedon” is coming true that there are such idiots.

Everything for the front, everything for victory, mobilization (rather mogilization) in Ukraine.
It is strange, but for some reason the inhabitants of Ukraine do not believe this “sweet couple” and do not strive to the front,
in order to quickly become another fertilizer for the soil.

Ukraine, there is no limit to cynicism
Ukraine, there is no limit to cynicism
Ukraine, there is no limit to cynicism

Funny and sad. Laughter through tears.

A little more about economics

🔥 Robert Habek, philologist, part-time minister in the cabinet of Olaf Scholz explains the basics of economics:
“There may not be enough gasoline for everyone in winter”.

Another gymnast completely beat off her head on a trampoline, so she is forced to work part-time as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

👉🏻 And so it was and could be further. European vassals are also subject to destruction.
The Anglo-Saxons don’t need anyone.
👉🏻 Someday in Europe this will be understood, but it may be too late.

👉🏻 Green Energy

👉🏻 Green Energy

Well, remember the green...
👉🏻 Green Energy

A little bit of positivity

🔥 17 Mar 2023, Piotr Hofmanski head of the  ICC – the lying, filthy bitch “farted in the puddle”. Great, at least earned for lunch.

Ukrainian propagandists claim that Russia“forcibly deported” up to 1.6 million Ukrainians. Refugees from the Kherson region deny that they were “kidnapped” by Russia. Ukrainian shelling caused them to leave their homes and flee to Russia.

Mariupol, eyewitness accounts

Well why are all the fuckheads mostly from Poland and the Baltic states? Yeah, it’s not easy being on Uncle Sam’s payroll, you have to bend all the time!

ICC, don’t you want to investigate these crimes?

Putin rides to surrender to the ICC in the Hague

16 Mar 1968,  Vietnam, Songmi   🔎
War crimes have no statute of limitations. Isn’t the ICC willing to look into this?
This is just one example from the history of the Anglo-Saxons and there are thousands of them.
“Order” based on Anglo-Saxon rules must be destroyed for the good of all Human Civilization.


This is how the Spanish magazine “El Jueves” presented its readers with pictures of how the collective West watched the official speech of the President of Russia.

Followers of Judas:

burn them in hell, scum and bastards

🔥 Ilya Ponomarev, traitor and bastard, announces the creation in Ukraine the “Political Center” of the russian opposition.

🔥 Andrey Makarevich in an interview with the “fucking darned condom” and part-time pseudo-journalist Gordon (quote): “The entire history of the Soviet Union is the genocide of its own people.
Please find the victim of the genocide in the photo, all photos were taken in Soviet times.
Several thousand years have passed and the Jewish nature has remained unchanged: usury, сovetousness, constant lying in everything, anger and hatred of all others around them, a maniacal idea of the superiority of their race over everyone else in the world. A vivid example of this is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Political prostitute” and clown on stage in Warsaw, Poland

The Holy Trio” in the promised land of Israel

👉🏻 Faina Borukhovna Pevzner

  🔎    🔎   🔎   🔎

The citizen made her own choice and joined M. Galkin’s political position. With which we congratulate her. 🔎

The masks have been thrown off.
The “dirty rat” showed his real muzzle.

Russia is cleaning itself up, another “dirty rat” has fled to Israel. 🔎  🔎

🔥 Motherfucker and old fart” compares Russia with Germany’s Third Reich

🔥 Motherfucker and old fart” about the Russian press

🔥 Motherfucker and old fart” gives an interview to a “political prostitute” in Israel

👉🏻 “Motherfucker and old fart” in his old age is completely fucked up from smoking anashi, typical “liberoid drug addict”. And he moved to Britain, most likely, due to the fact that anasha no longer works and  something more potent should be used.

🔥 Motherfucker and old fart” at the head of an emigrant shapito

Parody of BG: “meet me at the Brandenburg gate”.

🔥 Another “filthy smelly bitch”

gives wishful thinking:
“We discussed the importance of separating Russians who support Putin and the war from those who condemn the war.
It is wrong to throw all Russians in the trash just because our country has been seized by a terrible dictator:
we are the ones who disagree with him,
we are the ones who want his to end,
we exist,
we the future of our country,
“we” will ask for forgiveness from Ukraine and “brick by brick” restore confidence in us.”

🔥 Another “filthy smelly bitch”


Another one: at first a National Bolshevik, then a fighter against the “bloody regime,” now a hurrah-patriot.
Changes his beliefs “like gloves”.
👉🏻 Will you personally trust such a “weather vane”?

👉🏻 Biography (27.11.1953, Leningrad, USSR), possibly Russian, ex-Russian poet and musician. It is not customary to remember the dead (morally and spiritually) badly, amen.   🔎

👉🏻 Biography, roots:
Father – Julian Sosfenovich Shevchuk (21.09.1924, Labun, Khmelnitsky Oblast, USSR – Western Ukraine).
Grandfather – Sosfen Ivanovich Shevchuk, officer of the Tsarist and Petlyura army, was dispossessed and exiled from the territory of the present Khmelnytsky region.

  • Opinion of the People!
    'Rats are fleeing the ship'
  • Bye Alla!
    Rest in peace in the holy land of Israel!
  • I am staying!
    'Only Russians allow themselves such a luxury - to fight out of a sense of compassion, because they don't abandon their own'
    Russian General Mikhail Skobelev
  • We are coming to Home!
  • Vladimir Mineev - about Donbass
  • Boxer and coach Svyatoslav Stahl about a special military operation

EU Parlament, rare opinion of honest people

EU Parlament, rare opinion of honest people

EU Parlament, rare opinion of honest people

Thoughts of a sane american

Prof. John Mearsheimer, thoughts of a sane american

Thoughts of a sane american

Mar 2023, German people against the war in Ukraine


Seeing off the mobilized residents of Sevastopol and Crimea: tears, hugs, shouts of “Thank you!”.

Seeing off the mobilized residents of Sevastopol and Crimea: tears, hugs, shouts of “Thank you!”.

This is how the heroes go to defend their country and loved ones,
and do not run like “dirty rats” to Israel, Britain, Baltic States, Georgia, etc.

Russia, actor Pavel Ustinov: “If war comes to our house, it will be too late. Behind us are families, wives, parents, children, who could be in great danger if we do nothing. Moreover, I would not have forgiven myself if I had stayed away when my brother was drafted.”

👉🏻 The ruin is not in the economy,
but primarily in the heads of European functionaries.
🔎    🔎    🔎   🔎

Rather, a special education, and not in “gynecology“, etc.?

Roger Waters

“I’m on the Ukrainian government’s firing list. And they’ve killed people recently. And when they kill you, they write “liquidated” on your picture. Well, I’m in one of those pictures.
Russia should never have been pushed to invade Ukraine after they tried for 20 years to avoid it by offering diplomatic measures to Western governments.
All these reports [of Russian atrocities in Ukraine] are what I just called Western propaganda. It is the exact opposite of the word “russian propaganda”: “the Russians interfered in our choices,” “the Russians did it.”
👉🏻 It’s all – lies, lies, lies.


Many Hungarians believe that the truth is on Russia’s side because they are tired of European values:
“After 12 years of pressure from the EU and the West, many Hungarians catch themselves thinking that if the West is bad, then what Russia is doing must be true.
This statement was made by the writer Attila Demko”.
The authors of the article note that the inhabitants of the country support this statement and demand a revision of the sanctions imposed against Russia.

Statement by the Slovak politician Lubos Blaga from the SMER party regarding the current situation:

“This is a nuclear state. I feel the danger that comes from the expansion of NATO. If we want peace, hatred will not help us. Well, if the West wants a Third World War, it will do everything in its power for this. Congratulations.
Russia has captured 1/5 of the territory of Ukraine with a professional military, without any mobilization. And now 300,000 reservists with combat experience will be mobilized. In total, they have 25 million Russians in the reserve.
What do the Ukrainians want to do with this?
To die for the interests of America?
Is this the reason for the conflict on Ukraine: the Americans are fighting the Russians to the last Ukrainian.
All in vain, if not for the Maidan, NATO expansion, Zelensky’s impudence from American weapons, there would be no war.
How many more Ukrainians will have to die because of geopolitical games?
How much longer will we be freezing in Europe, Slovakia?
Because Western leaders literally hate Russia racist? How much more?”

Jan 2023 Germany, tanks

01 March 2023, Leopard 2

Jan 2023 Germany, tanks

ex-minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania Andrei Marga called the borders of Ukraine unnatural

✔️ The borders of Ukraine are unnatural, Kyiv must cede the territories of Russia, Hungary, Poland and Romania, said the former head of the Romanian Foreign Ministry Andrei Marga. “I declare with all responsibility: Ukraine is within unnatural borders” (Adevărul quotes him as saying).
✔️ He noted that Ukraine should cede Crimea and Donbass to Russia, Galicia to Poland, Transcarpathia to Hungary, Bukovina to Romania. Marga added that democracy was never built in Ukraine.
✔️ On July 15, 2022, the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, Peter Szijjarto, said that the country has a scenario for protecting 150,000 Hungarians in Transcarpathia.
🔎   🔎   🔎   🔎